Recreational Class Descriptions

All of our recreational classes, for students ages 5.75-12 years old and run in our main gym and are skill appropriate. Meaning students move up by their skill level, not their age. Classes are fully structured; there is no free-play time. Students will use the floor, bars, beams, vault and trampoline in class. All of our classes have weekly lesson plans and rotation to ensure the appropriate amount of time on each piece of equipment. Appropriate clothing for these classes would be a leotard and/or tight shorts for girls and shorts and shirts for boys. If your daughter does not want to wear a leotard they can wear a tight tank top with a pair of gymnastics shorts. All jewelry and any dangly earings need to be removed for class. Please make sure your child has any long hair pulled back before entering class. 

     What makes our classes different than others? In the last 21 years we have tried almost everything and have fine tuned our program and classes for the best overall effect. First, we offer an 6-1 student to teacher ratio in our basic recreational classes, and an 8 to 1 in our Pre-Team White and Blue groups. We have only one teacher per class, instead of having big groups. Having six kids with one teacher is not the same as having twelve kids with two teachers. Since our classes run in twelve weeks in lengths, students get to know their classmates and their teacher as well as the teacher knowing your child well. 
    And what really sets us apart is our staff. Having lesson plans to go off of that keep every class on task and consistent is important. As well as the experience our staff has. We only hire people who have lots of previous experience working with kids and people who are honestly excited about teaching your child. This is such a fun job, and we really do enjoy it!!
    At the end of each session, students will take home a report card to show the skills they've accomplished and possibly ones they are still working on. Your child's report card is also available on your portal. We make suggestions for our future sessions before our registrations begin if you are currently enrolled and that information can also be found on your portal.

Not sure what class is best for your child or you haven't been here in a while. Click here we will be happy to help you figure it out.​

Lil Beginners 1 Hour (Ages 5.75-7)
     Our Lil Beginners class is the same as our Beginning class, but for students ages 5.75-7 years old. See the Beginning class for more information below.

Beginning​ 1 Hour (Ages 7-12 years)
     Our Beginning classes work on the basics of gymnastics. Stretching, conditioning and learning the core of gymnastics and terminology. Our Beginning classes work on good bridges, handstands, and cartwheels, board drills on the vault, pullovers on the bars and much more. We have several skills in this level that must be mastered to move forward but the two main skills are a back bend on the wedge mat and a pullover on the bars with a small spot.

Advanced Beginning (6-12 years) 1.25 Hours
     This class is the same lesson plan and core skills as our Beginning class, but moves at a faster pace. It can be hard to attain the skills to move into Intermediate, so this class is for students who are getting close to Intermediate, but are not quite there.

Intermediate (6-12 years) 1.25 Hours
     This class runs 15 minutes longer, giving students a little more practice time. We continue to improve our basics and move forward to skills like our Back Bend Kickovers and our Back Hip Circles on the bars. Students continue to work on board skills on the vault and begin the basics of the handstand vault. Along with working on levers and teeter totters on the beam. More conditioning and stronger stretches are added at this level to ensure the strength and flexibility to perform these skills. To move to Advanced the main skills necessary are the pullover and a back hip circle with a small spot on the bars and a backbend kick over on the floor.

Advanced (6-12 years) 1.5 Hours
     This is the last level before our Pre-Team classes and is also an hour and a half like our Intermediate class. Much of the structure is the same as the Intermediate class with the skills being just a bit harder. Students will do handstands on the vault at this level, back hip circles and working on glides on the bars, back walkovers on the floor, and small handstand on the beam. To move to our Pre-Team RED group, students must have a back walkover, a cast back hip circle on the bars, and a handstand on the vault. We also expect serious behavior and good work ethic shown in students to move forward to our Pre-Team levels.

Pre-Team (6-12 years)

RED 1.75 Hours
     Red is our first level of Pre-Team and is an hour and forty-five minutes. We suggests attending class twice a week at this level for any student who is really looking to progress. In this group, students begin working towards the level 4 competitive skills. We start working on the basics of tumbling, with our round-offs, back handsprings, and front handsprings, along with sharpening up our floor skills already learning like our cartwheels, handstands, and back walkovers. Students will begin to do complex, which is working on making the skills "pretty", with more pointed toes and straighter legs. On vault, students continue working on the front handspring vault and on bars we begin putting together our bar skills and moving onto kips and undershoots. There again is more conditioning and stronger stretching built into our lessons to ensure students have the strength and flexibility required to do the skills. Pre-Team Red has a 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio.

WHITE 2 Hours
     In our white group students continue to work towards their level 4 skills. We add 15 minutes to the length of this class to allow more practice time and up the ratio to an 8 to one. Students work more on taking assignment and staying on task to progress in their skills.

BLUE 2 Hours 2 days a week
     Students in this level have mastered most of their level 4 competitive skills and are ready to begin working on the routines and skills required to compete with more focus on body positions and performance.   We require that students attend 2 days a week.