Cost for Classes 2019
If you enter a session late, the tuition is pro-rated, but you can only enter a class that has space.

COGA Tots Classes
(Prices are for a once a week class for our 12-week session)
Tumble Tykes $195
Lil Shots $240
Hot Shots $265
Super Hot Shots $275
Mighty Shots $285

COGA Receational Classes
Lil Beginners $295
Beginning $295
Advanced Beginning $305
Intermediate $305
Advanced $315
Pre-Team RED $330
Pre-Team WHITE $350

Multi-Class Discount

Multi-Child Discount

For those who want to attend two days a week, there is a 20% discount taken off the second class price when you attend 2-days a week for a session.  
We offer our multi-child discount of 10% off your total tuition for two children or 15% off your total tuition for 3 or more.