COGA Rules and Policies

There are 3 things that will help tremendously in making your child successful. 

#1: Attendance: while each class every week follows the same curriculum, it is crucial for your child to participate in his/her class every week.  
#2 Be on time: students that are late not only miss the beginning stretches, but some students really struggle when arriving late to class. 
#3 Please have your child go to the bathroom before class: I would estimate on average 85% of students leave class to go to the bathroom. A lot of disruption could be prevented by just having him or her go before class.  

  Below are our policies

Tuition: Tuition is based on a twelve-week session of classes. You must re-register for the following session to secure your child's spot. Tuition is never pro-rated, If we are closed for holidays, the session is extended to give you your full twelve-weeks. All tuition is non-refundable and no credit will be issued if your child cannot attend. Program fees are not refunded or prorated for participants who miss portions of programs. All Tuition in non-transferable. Tuition is not pro-rated and we do not offer make-up classes for any snow closures.

Snow Days: Tuition is not pro-rated and make-ups are not given for snow closures. However, we do not necessarily close when schools close. We will only close if we cannot get our staff to work to teach. You will be notified by email if we are closed for a snow day, the information will also be on our website and phone message.

Switching Class: You may switch class days or time at any time, as long as there is space available. There is no charge. Just send us an email and to let us know what class you are looking to switch to. However, in most cases, our classes are so full that there is very little space to move around. .

Missed Classes: We offer two make-up classes when available, per child, per session, with 24-hours notice that you are missing your class. Without 24-hour notice, you will only be able to use our Playmania/Open Gym as a make-up. If you do not attend your scheduled make-up class, it cannot be rescheduled. You may also choose two Playmania or Open Gym passes in lieu of a make-up class. Click here to let us know you're going to miss class and/or schedule a make-up. We do not offer make-ups for our Lil Shots or Hot Shots classes. Because this age group is sensitive to consistency, we find make-up classes can be very disruptive to their learning. 

Proper Attire: For our tots class students should wear comfortable clothes that are good for exercise. For our recreational classes, girls should wear either a leotard, gymnastics shorts are allowed, or a tight tank top and tight shorts are acceptable for those who prefer to not wear leotards. Girls may not wear just a sports bra and shorts. Boys can wear a shirt that can be tucked in or will not move when going upside down and shorts that are not too loose. 

Class Time: Students are expected to be in class on time, wearing proper attire, with any long hair pulled back. Children may not be dropped off and left before class begins. Please stay with your child until they are taken by our staff. All children and siblings must be attended to at all times unless being supervised by our staff in class. 

Viewing our classes: 
Jungle Gym: Parents must view class from the parent viewing area, except in a parent-participation class. Please make sure to keep your voices down and removed loud siblings from the viewing area so that are classes are not being disrupted. Also be sure to keep the walkway clear into our classroom.
Main Gym: Parents must view class from the parent viewing area. We do offer handicapped viewing right inside our gym doors for those who cannot make it up the stairs. If you need assistance or chairs, please let our staff know. Please be courteous to parents trying to view their children's classes by not letting siblings sit in the main viewing chairs. If it's a busy time in the viewing area, adults viewing classes should have priority over children sitting in these main viewing seats. 

Advancing Classes: Classes are based on your child's ability to listen and his/her level of gymnastics skills. At week 5 and 6 of our session, students are tested for the skills necessary to move up to the next level. At the end of week 6 we will add your child's suggestion for our future session to your portal account. Students must have all skills required to move to the next level before progressing. 

Teachers and Staff: We strive to provide the best possible program available, although we know no one is perfect. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns, please let us know immediately.