Checks for Charities

We are so excited to offer our Checks for Charities program. Many people are unaware that when a business collects a credit card payment, we must pay a merchant fee. Fees vary, but most of the time are around 3% of the total amount charged. It is amazing how much that can add up to be. 
It has become a cost of doing business, as credit cards are usually the most convenient option.
When you register for a class and you pay with a check or cash we will donate 3% of your tuition to a charity. At the end of the session everyone who paid with one of these methods will get to vote on what charity to donate the money to. For your convenience, if paying with a check or cash, you will have 7 days after your registration to get the payment to us.
We are so excited to introduce this program. Of course, we will always be happy to accept your credit card payment if that is what works best for you. 

Our Donations:

Spring 2019: Bryson Rosas $513 Click here for the Go Fund me page.
Summer 2019: Combined with Fall
Fall 2019: PJ's Beautiful Heart $630 Click here for the Go Fund me page.
Winter 2019: Coming Soon.....