What to expect from your Advanced Class

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What to expect from your Advanced Class:


We are so excited for your child to start our Advanced class. It is very important for the kids to be on time to class so they start with the group. We will start class everyday with a warm-up and stretching. In class students will do bridges and all three splits. Our Advanced class is fully structured; there is no free-play time. All of our classes have weekly lesson plans and all classes will do the same lesson. Appropriate clothing for this class would be a leotard and/or tight gymnastics shorts. If your child does not want to wear a leotard they can wear a tight tank top with a pair of gymnastics shorts. All jewelry and any dangly earing need to be removed for class. Please make sure your child has any long hair pulled back before entering class.  

  Each week the Advanced classes do floor, trampoline, vault, beam, and also bars. In class students will be progressing to the more advanced skills like back walkovers on floor, the beginnings of a kip on bars, and vaulting over the vault. We offer open gym on most Saturdays which is a great opportunity for your child to practice. If you are really looking for your child to progress through the levels, coming twice a week is very helpful or we do offer private lessons for those who are interested.  

  In class students will do lots of station work. Our lesson plans will typically have a spot station and other stations where students are working on their own. While we try to keep our classes moving as much as possible, sometimes it is necessary for students to sit and wait their turn.This will be more apparent in the first few weeks of classes while students are getting to know the movement of the class. The first few weeks of class we also do spend extra time making sure students know how to do the station work safely.  

  We have report cards for each recreational class we offer. Our report card has a few skills on each event that students must master to reach Pre-Team RED. We will continue through all 12 weeks of the session to test the students but our main testing is in week 5 and 6, and at the end of the session in week 11 and 12. Report cards are sent home the last class of the session for students to keep. While there are several skills listed on each event, the main skills for your child to progress to Pre-Team RED are a back hip circle on the bars with no spot, and on the floor a back walkover, also with no spot.  

  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at any time.